Do you have the desire to help people?  To minister to the hurting and share our Father’s truth and love?  This is our mission – join the Scope team and be equipped.  We won’t teach you Christianized self-help or secular theories.  We will teach you the truth – about Who God is, and who we are in Him.

Scope’s training classes are open to the public and serve as a resource to equip Christians for dealing with their own life issues and for ministry to others.  The principles taught give a Biblical perpective on the root causes of and solutions to life’s problems.  The training year is divided into spring, summer, and fall semesters.

……”It sounds cliché, but growing up I knew Jesus was the answer…I just didn’t know what it looked like in real life.  In problems we all face.  Then I came to Scope and learned what it looked like: the truth of Jesus in practical ways, in relationships – with Him and others.  The truth I’ve learned here is the glue that made all the puzzle pieces come together.”