Who Are You? written by Vicki Frydrych

Can you really believe that the true you IS Christ’s life inside of you + not your personality + bent on things?


Can you believe it + choose to behave in this manner even if it seems inconsistent with who YOU think and believe you REALLY are?

Who you REALLY ARE is someone who CAN pray for his enemy, love the unlovely, submit to poor authority, sacrifice when unappreciated/unrecognized, prefer others over himself and believe what God says about you.


May we take off the mask that we think protects us. It doesn’t.


The mask ACTS like Christ. The wearer of the mask believes it would be hypocritical for THEM to act like Christ because that isn’t WHO they are. The reality is they died, were buried and brought to new life IN HIM. He IS their life. They can only be and appear as they really are when the mask is removed. The hypocritical thing to do is to not believe who GOD SAYS they are and to not walk our lives in this manner because it doesn’t SEEM right.


A  hypocrite is someone who acts like something he is not. As a born again Christian, acting like Christ is the only NON-hypocritical think you can do. You are a hypocrite when you ACT LIKE A SINNER.


Renew your mind to these truths and let’s walk together in them. They may not seem to fit us well at first. But they were made for us and us for them. May we encourage each other in BEING WHO WE TRULY BE.  It isn’t pride…it’s fact, and as we walk in this new identity we  find more and more that we walk gently, humbly, mercifully.

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